YUUGEN are, and always will be a plant based company. We have researched for ten years into developing the best possible plant based waxes and fragrances. 

All of our fragrance oils are vegan friendly, and paraben free.

Coconut wax is the most eco friendly wax on the market. The coconut tree is considered a sustainable crop because it can be harvested year after year. We blend this with a little Rapeseed wax.

We only use a plant-based natural blend of coconut and rapeseed wax from sustainable sources which is free from paraffin, soy, petroleum and phthalates.

Our wax has excellent credentials regarding sustainability. The coconut used in our wax comes from small holder farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia ( 1/3 of the farmers and their families make their living from coconut production) There is no forest removal in order to plant new coconut trees, and all farming contacts are closely monitored.

Also our supplier is pioneering a programme to train more farmers on sustainable coconut agricultural practices.

Our wax is a completely natural plant wax with no nasty additives. The proof to this claim can be seen in our candles during winter months, you may find little  cracks or bumps on the surface of your candle, this is a completely normal personality trait of a beautifully natural product.

Our candles are packaged in black cardboard tubes and biodegradable glassine bags.

Our shipping materials are as eco friendly as possible, We use recycled boxes, bags, bubble wrap, paper packing tape, and starch biodegradable packing peanuts ( which can easily be dissolved in water ) to protect our candles in transit.

All of our custom-blended fragrance oils are all cruelty-free and vegan-friendly and do not contain any phthalates or paraben. We use fragrance oils and not essential oils in our products as not only do they give a better variety of scents but they don’t contribute to the destruction of rainforests or require large areas to cultivate as do some essential oils, such as sandalwood where an entire tree is destroyed to extract the oil.

Every candle we make is hand-poured in small batches in Manchester.