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BAKHOOR - Wax melts Infused with red and pink rose petals, safflower and smoked wood chips.

BAKHOOR is the Arabic name given to scented wood chips which have been soaked in fragrant oils such as rose petals and Jasmine and then burnt over hot coals to release its intoxicating and heady aroma.

BAKHOOR takes you on a journey to the bustle of the night souks in the Middle East.

Exquisitely warm and dusky, almost hypnotic.... The smell of warm tanned leather, spices and the aroma of sticky sweet fruits and heavy florals such as deliciously heady rose and climbing jasmine that fill the evening air.

This fragrance is not for the faint hearted it’s wild and full of adventure and exploring of the unknown, like a magical carpet ride through a Turkish bazaar.

TOP NOTES : sweet, rose, fruity, leather

HEART NOTES : floral, jasmin, gardenia, heliotrope, violet, patchouli

BASE NOTES : musk, moss, powdery



Each 12g wax melt has approx 15 hours of diffusion time, they are made using our very own blend of plant - based wax then infused with red and pink rose petals.

Our melts come in a soft cotton pull tie bag and black cardboard tube.

All of our wax melts have been lovingly handmade and hand-poured using only the finest of ingredients.  

  • No paraffin, No soy, No beeswax
  • No dyes
  • Coconut and Rapeseed only
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Additive Free
  • Non GMO
  • Palm Free


There are 7 wax melts in every bag 

Net weight 80g

Approximately 100 hrs per bag

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