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The gardens of Petit Trianon in Versailles were given as a gift to Marie-Antoinette by her husband King Louis XVI.

They were small and intimate gardens and built especially for her

- fragrant evening tuberose, violet, blackcurrants, rose petals and sweet fig


TOP NOTES :Blackcurrant - Fig - Lemon - Bergamot

HEART NOTES :Rose - Geranium - Tuberose - Iris - Carnation

BASE NOTES : Oakmoss - Musk - Sandalwood - Amber


 Giving you the finishing touches to your home.

Our room and linen sprays are ideal for lifting your mood and creating that special ambiance before the arrival of guests.

Our room sprays come in a tall elegant glass bottle with gold spray and cap which will look fabulous in any home.

So spritz and unwind and enjoy the instant ambience.


100 ml

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